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We trust that now you're familiar with what you need to do in order to get our films, etc. and aren't going to be filling our mailboxes with queries we've already answered here, or sending money or dated postage or any of the other crap people keep doing. If you're reading this page and are somehow still unsure as to how to go about placing an order, go back here again and actually read it this time.

If you would like to request DVDs from Corn Pone Flicks, all correspondence and blank media (and for the fiftieth time, please make sure the title you're requesting is actually listed as "available on DVD," before you send discs, because you're otherwise wasting your time along with, more importantly, mine) should be sent to Matt Murray at:

Corn Pone Flicks
5419 Oliver Court
Lilburn GA 30047

Most of the questions people send me are answered right here on this page, so if you haven't even looked for the info here yet, you might want to.

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