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The Christian Crusade: Index

I. The Hoax
II. Backstory
III. Initial reaction
IV. Exposure
V. Retrospective
VI. The Documents
VII. The Interviews

Legacy of the Crusade:
The Saga of the Kronies


One year after the Crusade hoax had been launched, we returned to the scene of the crime, so to speak, visiting Chattacon '91 with a video camera in hand. On the pretense of making a "con documentary," we interviewed as many attendees and staffers as we could, asking what people knew about the Christian Crusade. We heard many of the rumors that had flown about during the previous year, as well as some new ones: apparently, the Crusade had "appeared" at several conventions we had never attended. More spurious rumor-mongering, or were some of our flyers redistributed by persons unknown in an attempt to spread either the joke or a hoped-for actual crusade against sci-fi? We don't know. I prefer to let those interviewed speak for themselves; the window below contains the edited highlights of our interview session for those interested in seeing the lingering vestiges of our collective troublemaking.

While this was the last gasp of the Christian Crusade, its ripples would be felt for years afterwards in Southeastern fandom. Continue reading to hear of "The Saga of the Kronies." While I can't categorically state that it truly is "the greatest fan story ever told," it certainly beats the pants off of, say, anything from those Browncoat assholes.