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Spacecraft and mechanics in the Harlock universe

Section Three: Illumidas spaceships

The Stalzart

A triple-hulled battleship of immense firepower, the Stalzart is Supreme Commander Zeda's warship. The three sections are capable of functioning as separate ships and damaged hulls can be jettisoned without affecting the others. Zeda challenges Harlock to a duel in the Stalzart, from which Harlock emerges the victor, but not without being given a run for his money.

The battleship Stalzart-and let me tell you, it's hard to find a clear shot of a black ship in space.

The smoldering remains of the central hull section.

Illumidas command ship

The flagship of the Illumidas fleet, which Harlock boards in order to personally put a hole in its commander. Seen here heading for that great shipyard in the sky.

The double-hulled command ship.

Illumidas battleship

The standard Illumidas battleship designs, which Harlock destroys in enormous numbers. Comes in single and double-hulled styles. Both burst like long gray watermelons when shot. Quantity over quality, man.

Illumidas battleships waiting to be blown to bits.

Larger battleship design likewise awaiting doom.

Mr. Zone's battleship (Dasmolk)

A heavily armed and armored battleship designed by Mr. Zone for the express purpose of bringing down the Arcadia. The prototype, crewed by human guinea pigs, does fall to the Arcadia, but only just barely; consequently, the Illumidas continue to manufacture and use the ship design from that point on. After making the acquaintance of the Queen of Arcadia, Zone extorts one for himself from Illumidas General Krueger.

Mr. Zone's quality-over-quantity battleship design.

Illumidas fighter (Yago)

Illumidas fighter planes.

Illumidas robot fighter (Tonbo)

Drone fighters encountered by Harlock and crew after traveling to the desolate, ravaged world of Tokarga.

Robot fighter planes policing Tokarga.

Unmanned tank

The unmanned tank is used as a policing force on planets conquered by the Illumidas. Resistant to the average laser weapon, it takes a rocket launcher or Harlock's Gravity Sabre to take one down.

Illumidas unmanned tanks policing colony RV44.

Zone's combat saucer

Mr. Zone's last-ditch attempt at defeating Harlock before General Krueger decides to cut him loose, the luminous fighting ship boasts great maneuverability and armament, controlled by a combat-and-navigation computer system. Harlock finally leads it on a wild chase through an asteroid field and leaves Zone lodged against a large rock.

The computer-controlled attack ship is no match for a real man's ship like the Arcadia. Well, it was NEARLY a match, but Harlock whooped its ass anyway.

Command ship #2

A less commonly-seen command ship type, this shows what can happen when you make the big round technical thingys on your ship big enough for the Arcadia to just smash through, which is exactly what happens to this one.

Close the thingy! CLOSE THE THINGY!!!! Oh, crap, we're doomed!

Star Warship (killer satellite)

An unmanned, computer-controlled weapon used for large-scale planetary assault. General Krueger uses it to destroy the Rest Planet in hopes of eliminating the Arcadia.

Illumidas killer satellite en route to the Rest Planet.

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