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What the Harlock archives are all about

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I'm sure you're ready to get on with exploring the site, so I'll try to be brief. This site exists to serve two basic purposes. First, to provide a comprehensive resource for those interested in Captain Harlock and related characters, and the various stories in which they appear. Owing to my greater interest in and knowledge of the older stories involving said characters, and the relative ease with which the newer Harlock-related anime may be acquired, I have focused this site primarily upon the Harlock series and movies from the late '70s through the early '80s. In order to maintain clarity, all characters and series discussed herein will be referred to by their original Japanese-version names, except where otherwise noted.

Second, this site shall exist to help set the record straight on many topics that have been misreported by other sources. I don't think I've ever read a single article, book, or website on the subject of Harlock that did not contain at least one glaring factual error, but I've read quite a few that contained many. It's the cut-and-paste curse: one person reports it, everyone else repeats it, and suddenly everyone "knows" it's true, even though there's no actual evidence to substantiate it. This is a particularly bad affliction of the Internet which will not occur here. All information on story content and characters is drawn firsthand from the films and series episodes themselves, not from hearsay. The much discussed "continuity" between the various stories is dealt with in these pages in great detail, in an attempt to dispel much of the wholly manufactured connective tissue between the multiple incarnations of Harlock.

This site has been created for the purpose of information, so much of the text herein may constitute what many would consider "spoilers." Deal with this in your own way. This site does not exist to help you purchase DVDs or tapes of these shows, and please be advised that none of them are available from me. Do NOT write me asking for copies.

The space pirate ship Arcadia

In closing, I'd just like to note that story information on this site is exclusively concerned with the animated versions of Harlock stories, rather than manga versions. Were I to attempt to include all the widely varying manga incarnations of Captain Harlock as well, I'd be working on this site until my eyeballs fell out.

Special thanks to Steve Harrison for unearthing some of the more esoteric details here.

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