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Spaceships and mechanics in the Harlock universe

Section five: Valhalla

In Norse legend, Valhalla was where all good Vikings could go and bash each other's brains out for all eternity after they died. In the animated Harlock Saga, Matsumoto reinvents Valhalla as the center and origin point of the universe, though it remains the home of the ancient gods. Harlock is drawn into a conflict in Valhalla when Alberich of the Nibelungen clan plans to destroy it using a ring forged from the Rheingold, an action which could cause a reversal of the Big Bang and bring an end to all the cosmos.

If this galaxy spun any faster, it would fling itself apart.

Alberich's flagship

An enormous battleship commanded by Alberich of the persecuted Nibelungen clan, which leads an all-out assault upon Wotan's home in Valhalla. When Alberich invokes the power of the ring forged from the Rheingold, the battleship becomes all but invincible. Only the fortress designed by the Meister brothers is able to counter its attack.

Longtime Harlock fans may notice more than a passing similarity between this ship and the Mazone flagship Docrass. (The version of this ship that appears in the title sequence of Harlock Saga is even more similar-in fact, essentially identical but for its color.)

The thinly-disguised reinvention of the Docrass that Alberich commands.

Nibelungen Battleship

The first enemy ship encountered by the Arcadia in Harlock Saga, the Nibelungen battleship is hopelessly outmatched, but a robot-controlled drone survives the destruction of the mother craft and leads the Arcadia across the galaxy to a dark, uninhabited planet, where Harlock and Tochiro discover the ancient ship used by Mimay and Alberich to escape Wotan millions of years ago. Tochiro describes the fragment of the defeated battleship he examines as ornate and somewhat over-designed.

Alberich ultimately leads a large fleet of these vessels in an assault on Valhalla, but most if not all are destroyed by the defense bases Arze and Sandseiner.

Shooting at the Arcadia is, of course, always a grand idea..


The egg-shaped planetoid discovered hidden within the hollow center of a dark, distant world is actually a spacecraft stolen from Wotan by the Nibelungen refugees Alberich and Mimay some six hundred and fifty million years before Harlock's time. The bone-like protrusions in its surface function as energy receptors. Alberich deliberately lures Harlock to the ship in hopes that Harlock will begin to learn of the long history of oppression his clan has suffered under Wotan's rule, but Wotan, learning of Harlock's discovery, remotely triggers the destruction of the ship, and the planet with it.

Mimay refers to the vessel as Wotan's "twin ship," but what it's supposed to be a twin of is never mentioned.

The planetoid/spiny bone combo ship stolen from Wotan.

The Meister brothers' fortress

Constructed by Fasolt and Fafner Meister on Wotan's orders, the remarkably Death Star-ish fortress is the only weapon that can stand against the power of Alberich's ring. The core of the spherical citadel is filled with a glowing pink liquid the brothers refer to as the "Dragon's blood." The fortress engulfs both the Arcadia and Alberich's flagship in order to nullify the ring's energy. After Harlock retrieves the ring, the brothers must destroy the fortress to allow the Arcadia to escape before the Dragon blood can destroy it.

Witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station! (Too bad we don't actually get to.)

Arze and Sandseiner

A pair of defense outposts which guard the way to Valhalla. Most of Alberich's fleet falls to them, but they are destroyed by the power of the ring.

Hello, I'm Guildenstern...

...and he's Rosencrantz. (Honestly, I've no idea which base is which.)

Valhallan tank

A walking, tank-like contraption described as "Wotan's killing machine." Its heavy armor protects it from small-arms fire, but the fact that it unleashes a full barrage at an exposed Tochiro and fails to land a single round leaves one wondering about its efficacy as a defense mechanism.

My aim is worse than Greedo's.

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