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Episode 12

The Responsive I
-An Appreciation of Brian De Palma

CPF looks back over the long and varied career of controversial director Brian De Palma, examining the techniques and themes that have driven his body of work. Spoilers abound, obviously.

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Episode 11

Total Eclipse of the Brain
-A Critique of "The Last Jedi""

One of the most divisive films ever released gets a thorough going-over from Corn Pone Flicks. I think I was nicer to it than it deserved, but the desire to keep down the running time may have played a part in that.

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Episode 10

To Linger With You
-A Retrospective on "Twin Peaks""

A year after the conclusion of the most long-belated third television season in history, CPF examines the short-and-yet-somehow-also-long-lived phenomenon of Twin Peaks.

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Episode 9

The Definition of Regret
-"Doppelganger: The Evil Within"

While trying to restart her career after a turbulent youth, Drew Barrymore starred in this "thriller" I expect she'd like to forget ever happened.
Corn Pone Flicks is here to ensure she won't be able to!

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Episode 8

The Springtime of My Life
-"Stranger Things" and the 80s Nostalgia Wave

Should the 80s come back? Are they doing it anyway? Is there some value in looking to the past for inspiration? CPF digs into the current wave of flashback fever.

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Episode 7

Where is My Mind?
-The Conundrum of "Sucker Punch"

Was Sucker Punch the result of an adolescent male fantasy run amok, or was there something more going on? Were the critics full of shit? Is it both? Neither? Does it matter? Do I provide a clear answer? Watch and find out. I'm not just going to tell you.

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Episode 6

You Can't Go Home Again
-The Dark Side of "The Force Awakens"

The Force Awakens was hailed as a huge critical and commercial success, but is it really a worthy successor to Star Wars, or a cynical cash-grab? Corn Pone Flicks presents its view.

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Episode 5

The Long and Winding Road
-An Analysis of "Lost Highway"

Corn Pone Flicks tries its hand at unraveling the cinematic puzzle of David Lynch's Lost Highway. Do we succeed? Watch the damn video; I'm not spoiling it in the description.

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Episode 4

1000 Sleepless Nights
-My Life with "Ghost Story"

We all have that one film in our past that we were probably too young to see when we did, and which has haunted us ever since. CPF Reviews looks back at the 1981 spook film Ghost Story.

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Episode 3

Remember a Day
-A Star Blazers Retrospective

Corn Pone Flicks takes a look back at the anime series that started it all-for us, anyway, if not literally, and why it's still better than most everything else in the medium.

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Episode 2

They Took the Word "Gullible' Out of the Dictionary
-a critique of Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County

According to UPN and thousands of credulous Americans, this constitutes good evidence of alien visitations. According to CPF, it's merely good evidence of how desperate people are to believe in anything that sounds exciting.

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Episode 1

The Worst Movie Ever Made
-a look at Armageddon: The Final Challenge

Corn Pone Flicks' first video essay tackles the subject of bad movies, and why if you think you've seen the worst movie ever, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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