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Click here for information on the latest Corn Pone Flicks film projects in the works or nearing completion.

For information on acquiring DVDs of CPF material, please see the contact page.

Please note that this is a list of all films we have made. Not every title listed here is presently available on DVD or for download/streaming. Ones that are will be clearly marked as such.

You know, the long stuff
(Click on titles for more information on the films)

"" indicates titles available on DVD.
"*" Indicates downloadable/streaming version(s.)

The Ozone Commandos, part one (37 min) - 2009*
The Star Dipwads: Arrivederci Human Race - 10th Anniversary Director's Gut Edition - 1999 (50 min) *
The Bad American Dubbing Series:
Bad American Dubbing (30 min) - 1993*
Bad American Dubbing Too (28 min) - 1994*
Bad American Dubbing III (30 min) - 1995*
The Star Dipwads Christmas Special (32 min) - 1991 *
Star Dipwads II: The Metal Years (40 min) - 1997
Men In Black (46 min) - 1991
Super Hyper Mega Bloody Ultra Cosmo Death Extravaganza X-23 (65 min) - 1991
X - 23 II: Electric Boogaloo (121 min, 154 min) - 1992
UFO Robo Grandizer vs. Great Mazinger (27 min) - 1995 *
Mazinger Z vs. Devilman (35 min) - 1998 *

Special feature-The Abyss Gazes Also - 1989-2000

Episode 12-The Responsive I (Brian De Palma career overview)*
Episode 11-Total Eclipse of the Brain (The Last Jedi)*
Episode 10-To Linger With You (Twin Peaks)*
Episode 9-The Definition of Regret (Doppelganger: The Evil Within)*
Episode 8-The Springtime of My Life (Stranger Things)*
Episode 7-Where is My Mind? (Sucker Punch)*
Episode 6-You Can't Go Home Again (The Force Awakens)*
Episode 5-The Long and Winding Road (Lost Highway)*
Episode 4-1000 Sleepless Nights (Ghost Story)*
Episode 3-Remember a Day (Star Blazers)*
Episode 2-They Took the Word 'Gullible' Out of the Dictionary (Alien Abduction-Incident in Lake County)*
Episode 1-The Worst Movie Ever Made (Armageddon: The Final Challenge)*

At least, they're shorter than the long films. Sometimes intensely shorter.
(Click on titles for more information on or to view the short films)
*Indicates downloadable/streaming version(s.)

DVD of shorts is available for all short films produced up through mid 1997. Videos appearing on the DVD are marked with a "." Most of them are now streaming right from the Shorts page at reasonably high quality, so it's easy enough to see most of them without the irritating wait.

:24 (1 min) - 2009*
137 (4 min) - 2006*
The Astounding Adventure of Feathers the Husky (13 min) - 2016*
B.O.A. (1 min) - 1997*
The Bicycle Thief (2 min) - 1998*
Bonus Track (2 min) - 1994*
Candle (4 min) - 1992*
The Captain Harlock Overview Series:*
___Episode 1: The New World Galaxy Express Dub (13 min) - 2015
___Episode 2: The ZIV/Malibu Harlock Dub (12 min) - 2015
___Episode 3: Captain Harlock and the Queen of 1000 Years (13 min) - 2015
___Episode 4: The 2013 Space Pirate Captain Harlock CG film (13 min) - 2016

Captain Harlock vs. Han Solo (7 min) - 1989*
Captain Harlock vs. the Galactic Empire (22 min) - 1990*
A Christian Conversion... (5 min) - 1999*
Corn Dog 7 (4.5 min) - 1995*
The Danger Highway Series:*
___Part 3: Jason Takes Manhattan (3 min) - 1991
___ Part 4: Concrete Jungle (4 min) - 1991
___Part 8: Mystery Road (7 min) - 1991

Deep Brown Swamp (5 min) - 2000*
Desslok's Big Score (1 min) - 1999*
Dig Dug: The Movie (1 min.) - 2002*
The Eighth Element (1 min) - 1997*
The Empire Strikes Back by George Lucas, Age 9--Special Edition (15 min) - 1997*
Flexible Metal Hose Co. vs. The Universe (1 min) - 1993*
Foreshadowing (3 min) - 1997*
Great Stories From the Bible (4 min) - 2000*
A Highly Moral Tale for the Benefit and Erudition of Today's Disenfranchised and F***ed-Up Youth (2 min) - 1997*
Indiana Jones and the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (6 min) - 2000*
In the Realm of the Ants (1 min) - 1999*
The Jar of Screaming Blood (2 min) - 2002*
Landworld (1 min) - 1998*
Ozone Commandos - Trailer and Sneak Preview (3 min, 7 min) - 1994, 1995*
Ozone Commandos Trailer 2 (2 min) - 2009*
Pale Blue Dot (7 min) - 2002*
The Phone (3 min) - 1996*
Pong (5 min) - 2001*
Roach (3 min) - 1991*
Signs of a Gullible-Ass Public (1.5 min) - 2002*
Speedy Days of Racing Thunder (3 min) - 1991*
Sergeant Powerful and the America Gang (7 min) - 1990*
Star Wars episode XXXVII (2 min) - 2002*
Twister II (3 min) - 1997*

So short, most of them barely count as scenes, much less films. Corn Pone UltraShorts

Films so short (under a minute) that you usually get them whether you want them or not. Some are up for a download; right click and select "Save target as" to download the highlighted titles (in Xvid format.)

Blind 2 Art; Slow: Kitty Crossing; Spalding; Rocket Skateboard; Why Insane People Aren't Allowed to Write Jokes; Radar Base At Taniak; Never Throw Up Your Lung; Very Stupid; Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously; Burgerflippinboppitybitch; Bad/Very Bad; Philadelphia Before Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Paine.

Trust me, they all run together in your mind after a while.

Corn Pone Flicks - Music Videos

Click highlighted titles to play videos.

Beat It Michael Jackson Dragon's Lair 4 min
Blood and Tears Danzig Queen Emeraldas 4 min
Christmas at Ground Zero "Weird" Al Yankovic Various 3 min
Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd Akira 7 min
Demonica The Dwarves Laughing Target 2 min
Drones Rise Against V for Vendetta 3 min
Entropy** Bad Religion Harmagedon 2.5 min
The Gates of Delirium Yes Space Cruiser Yamato 20 min
Gigantor The Dickies Gigantor, of course 3 min
Goodbye Blue Sky Pink Floyd The Cockpit 2 min
I Ran Flock of Seagulls Iczer One 6 min
Rambozo the Clown Dead Kennedys Giant Rambo: The Animation 3 min
She Talks to Rainbows The Ramones Angel's Egg 3 min
Slime Creatures from
Outer Space
Weird "Al" Yankovic Various 4 min
Something to Believe In The Ramones Porco Rosso 4 min
Strength to Endure The Ramones My Youth In Arcadia 3 min
Surfin' Bird The Trashmen Captain Harlock 3 min
Turn on the Light** Bad Religion Giant Robo 1.5 min
Washer Slint Vampire Hunter D 8.5 min
Yours is No Disgrace Yes Various Matsumoto 9 min
** [ed. imho, one damn really kick ass video.  Gavv.]*
*Technically, two videos.

Videos done by Jigoku no Video:

Most of these can be found at Rich Lather's account on AnimeMusicVideos.org.

Ballad of Serenity Sonny Rhodes Cowboy Bebop 1 min
Crush 'em Megadeth Bubblegum Crisis 5 min
The Defense Bad Religion Blue Gender 4 min
Everything to Everyone Everclear Lupin III 3 min
In So Many Ways Bad Religion Char's Counterattack 3 min
The Kids are Back Twisted Sister Akira 4 min
Learning to Fly Pink Floyd Wings of Honneamise 5 min
Send Her My Love Journey My Youth in Arcadia 4 min
Veteran of a Thousand
Psychic Wars
Blue Oyster Cult Grey: Digital Target 6 min
Why Me? Mike & the Mechanics Nausicaa 7 min
Wipeout The Surfaris Various 3 min