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The CPF Times

Corn Pone Flicks Presents Recent Episodes of CPF Reviews

CPF dissects recent media phenomenons such as The Last Jedi, Twin Peaks: The Return, and Stranger Things.

The Kronies are Coming!

Actually, the Kronies came and went many years ago, but their activities have been a secret, until now! Read about how a conspiracy which never really even existed nevertheless managed to bring down an entire convention. Be thankful that it wasn't yours (unless it was yours, in which case, well, that's what you get when you fuck with the Kronies). Click here to read about what some people (mostly us) have called "The Greatest Fan Story Ever Told."

Corn Pone Flicks Decides to Finish Ozone Commandos Part 2 After All

"Yes, I'm crazy."

Literally decades after anyone stopped giving a damn, I found myself suddenly possessed by an inexplicable desire to dive back into the project that will not die and finally kill it once and for all. Well, it's not wholly inexplicable; we put a real shitload of work into this ridiculous movie and it always rankled me that it looked as though the concluding chapter would never see the light of day. Thanks to improved home technology, part two looks like it's going to whittle the totally absurd seventeen-year production time of the first episode down to a mere two to three years, two of which are already behind me as of this writing. The bulk of the second part has been completed, with only the hardest bits remaining, because I'm really bad about doing that. Anyone wanting to get the full lowdown on the production should read the production diary.

CPF shifts focus to videos essays on film/TV

"I can do this shit alone."

And that's the reason in a nutshell. It's increasingly hard to get people together to make ridiculous short films about inflatable crocodiles eating hapless wildlife molesters and spoofs of soon-to-be-released (or often were-released-a-few-years-earlier) Hollywood films, especially when many of the old gang have actually moved out of the freaking country. As our ability to make products that might potentially be confused with actual filmmaking has increased, the time and available bodies with which to do so have tilted the other direction. Owing to the fact that I actually give a shit about quality and cannot abide jump-cuts, these have been trickling out at the rate of one every few months since I picked them back up again last summer. Hopefully, Ozone Commandos work notwithstanding, they should continue to trickle out at a similar rate in the forseeable future.

Leper Jim Wonders Why He's Still on This Page

Leper Jim Remarks "I'm totally irrelevant!"

Jim (AP Newswire)

Failed cultural icon Leper Jim is flabbergasted at his continued appearance on the CPF website's news page, as he has featured in no actual CPF news since 1997. "The last time anyone mentioned my name, people still thought Y2K was a real issue. Move on, people."

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