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"Social" "Justice" "Activists" Launch New Campaign to End Prejudice

"Fuck the intolerant."

Bigoted, prejudiced disparagings of the less-advantaged will soon be thing of the past, according to online activists who have harnessed the power of placing a pound sign (#) in front of a phrase and then repeating it to end all social ills. Cleo, a twenty-one year-old gender studies major proudly wearing a T-shirt with bright, day-glo lettering across the bustline demanding you look elsewhere, sat down with this publication to outline her group's plan to bring about true equality. "Well, first of all," she began as if explaining litter box use to a cat, "we don't like to use the term 'activist' anymore, as it implicitly demonizes the lazy. People love to cloak themselves in this 'First Amendment' thing, and don't realize that words matter." She went on to elucidate how her special brand of online non-activism 'aimed to shame' anyone using language that would demean the dignity of women, people of color-which is nothing at all like 'colored people,' she assured me-gays, lesbians, transvestites, the transgendered, hermaphrodites, the vertically challenged, the unattractive, amputees, cyborgs, crazy people, the frighteningly stupid, those conviced against all reason that they are, in fact, a goat, and anyone else having to endure what the priviliged arrogantly call 'any kind of criticism.'

My query as to how she planned to implement this sweeping social justice reform provoked a look of disdain. "We don't like to call it 'social justice' anymore. It's an unfair slander to the antisocial and the unjust." When asked if terms such as 'racist' and 'misogynist' also carried inherent discrimination against the mean-spirited and insecure, however, she abruptly ended the interview and ran from the office shouting "Patriarchy!" at anyone who would or wouldn't listen.

In a related story, the offices of the CPF Times shortly thereafter received an email from a man describing himself as "not Cleo's boyfriend, nor in any way trying to impress my way into her pants," calling me a rape apologist, before hastily returning to his daily task of writing extensive blog posts sincerely apologizing for being born as a straight white male.

Area Man Convinced by FBI Warning Not to Pirate Movie

"Apparently, it's wrong."

Twenty-five year-old Dopi McFucsmokerr of Some Meth Lab, Mississippi had a recent epiphany when encountering, seemingly for the first time, the anti-piracy warning forced onto the front of a DVD he'd borrowed from the unlocked trailer of a neighbor who was away on holiday. "The message offered me the opportunity to stop watching the disc and instead go and look up a website where I could be lectured on how I'm a bad person, so I figured, what the heck. Now, I feel seriously rebuked. I'd been all set to copy that movie, but this "copyright law" thing is apparently in place to protect the rights of creators and distributors from lowlifes like me, and it was like an awakening." Slightly stunned FBI representatives championed this admission as a vindication for the sum total of approximately two and a half billion hours their unskippable warnings have thus far wasted out of the lives of average movie viewers across the nation. "From a purely statistical standpoint, it simply had to work eventually, for somebody someday," senior Easily Ignored Propaganda Director Ira Scribivers crowed at the announcement. "Perhaps we should add a synthesized J. Edgar Hoover voice reading the warning out loud for all of those miscreants who stick in the disc and then wander off to grab a snack or use the toilet before the menu appears. With that in place, we're almost guaranteed to have another positive influence such as this before the sun burns out."

McFucsmokerr attributed the success of this warning to the fact the he was watching an actual, legitimately purchased DVD, noting that bootleggers pretty much never upload versions including the FBI warning on bittorrent sites. "I see it as a positive step forward. If only they'd considered placing 'No robbing' signs outside of banks, or 'No shooting people' advisories at The Apple Store, my life might be so different now."

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