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Corn Pone Flicks Presents Third episode of CPF Reviews

CPF looks back at Star Blazers, one of the few anime properties they can still watch without vomiting.

Ozone Commandos Part One Completed!!!!!

After an absolutely ludicrous seventeen years in production, part one (that's right; seventeen years for half of the film) of The Ozone Commandos has been completed. The premiere showing occurred at Anime Weekend Atlanta on September 20th, 2009. Watch the film right here:

What the hell is this film, you ask? Read more....

The Ozone Commandos want YOU...

...to read about their exciting and misanthropic adventures! Yes, the original comic book that the long-belated movie is based upon is now available for consumption right here on cornponeflicks.org, because it's so much easier than printing and binding copies to mail out. If you just can't take the cliff-hangery ending of the film, you can totally get spoiled on the outcome. Three issues are up for thrill-a-minute reading right here, and their final adventure can be found here.

This page lists everything we have made, not everything that is presently available. Right now, only films that have been converted to DVD or are up for download can be gotten from us, and all films so available are marked accordingly. This is very simple, so don't pretend that it isn't.

Presently available for order on DVD:

Star Dipwads: Arrivederci Human Race and A Star Dipwads Christmas double DVD (About this title)

UFO Robo Grandizer vs Great Mazinger and
Mazinger Z vs Devilman double DVD (About this title)

Corn Pone Shorts Volume 1 DVD, covering short films from 1989-1997

Also, check out the ever-growing CPF film reviews section, updated usually once a week. Or, you know, less.


Welcome to www.cornponeflicks.org!

We're ready and basically willing to receive all of your CPF acquisition needs. Feel free to browse through the new and up-to-date Filmography and Bios.  And don't forget to find out how to obtain copies of Corn Pone Flicks' stupidass movies for your own bad self.

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Rapture Allegedly Prevents Zombie Apocalypse

In a leg-mangling display of backpedaling, Harold Camping has asserted that the May 21st rapture did, in fact, occur after all, but only in regards to the dead. "Two hundred million good Christian corpses were sucked from their graves and taken up to Heaven, just as I sort of, kind of, almost but not quite predicted all along," claimed the lifelong nutter at a press conference the following Tuesday. He hoped the news would placate the countless decent, hardworking Christian folk who were grievously disappointed when approximately five point eight billion people did not begin suffering and dying on schedule, as they'd hoped.

Camping then went on the describe how his Family Radio compound had been beseiged by zombies throughout the afternoon of May 21, which had all disappeared, leaving behind no trace of the furious assault. "No one scrubs a crime scene clean the way God can," the evangelist proclaimed smugly. "Those undead beasts came looking for brains to eat, and they left hungry." He asserted that many members of his staff were prepared to testify to the truth of the zombie attack, at some undisclosed future point when they had recovered from the shock, and "fully expected" that similar testimonials of narrowly-averted zombie feedings would soon come rolling in from around the world.

When asked why a pack of what must have been zombified Christians would attack non-zombified Christians, Camping retorted, "There are no non-zombified Christians in my flock. I would think that the events of the past few months would've proved that beyond doubt."

New Bill Would Mandate Arming Students at Public Schools

"An armed school is a polite school," says Speaker John Boehner.

A bill making its way through Congress would require all high school students attending public schools to carry firearms in order to offset the rise in school shootings. Speaker of the House John Boehner, who repeatedly insisted that his name not be pronounced "boner," expressed his support and enthusiasm. "These little emo twerps will think twice about trying to act out their revenge fantasies when the entire student body is packing heat. They try that shit under this law, they'll end up as a pile of lead and guts stuffed into a Skillet T-shirt."

Boehner deflected criticisms by assuring reporters that the law would include provisions mandating target practice. "Collateral damage is always embarrassing to the 2nd Amendment," he conceded before going on to describe the bill as a test bed for possible future requirements concerning airplane passengers.

The speaker dismissed the deluge of hippy, tree-hugging leftist bullshit whining about "thousands of dead students" as distracting and alarmist. "These people clearly think that good, hard-working honor students, and uh, the rest of them too, I guess, should be sitting ducks while in the classroom, which is fairly stupid considering that college-educated individuals tend to vote Democrat. Don't they think these things through?" A sudden look of worry was observed to cross his face at that point, at which time he hastily excused himself from the press meeting.

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Leper Jim Briefly Caught Up in Rapture

Leper Jim Remarks "Dude!"

Jim (AP Newswire)

Though the much-vaunted May 21 rapture was considered a bust, Leper Jim claims to have spent at least an hour in the great beyond. "Heaven is a lot like being high. A whole lot. It's uncanny. God must be a stoner. I see no other explanation for it."

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